Heat Exchangers and complete Heat Exchanger Packages

Fluid Chillers designs and builds heat exchanger systems for every application in industry.

We select the proper heat exchanger for all types of application. The heat exchanger selection includes:

  • Cleanable shell/tube
    Submersed Coil heat exchanger
    (Stainless Steel and Copper Coil available)
  • Stainless Steel plate style
  • Plastic and Teflon for acids and food grade
  • Food grade Heat Exchangers
  • Stainless Steel brazed plate units
  • Oil Heat Exchangers
  • Water Heat Exchangers
  • In either Stainless Steel or Copper Construction
  • Sized to fit customers Tank Dimensions
  • Submersed Coil heat exchangers

Whatever your application our engineers will work to solve it. Control Packages Available with individual temperature controllers and integrated process pumps available if required.